Buy a Voucher: Find a participating vet practice where the Vet Voucher is to be redeemed

Vet Vouchers – The caring contribution. A new way to give a gift, to help family or a friend look after their pet, large or small

Whether routine healthcare, an unexpected accident or long term condition, vet bills need to be paid. Even when our pets are insured we have an excess to cover.

Many of us receive unwanted presents and although they may have been given with the best intention, a more practical gift is now available for the pet owner. We can contribute to our friend, family member or colleague's vet bill with a personal touch.

Vet Vouchers enables you to present your friend with a gift voucher they can redeem in registered practices and contribute to the annual routine healthcare or the outstanding vet bill, lessening the stress of what can be a fretful time.

Vouchers are now available for purchase.

Please take a minute to view our Video about Vet Vouchers and how they work!

All you need to know about Vet Vouchers

What is a Vet Voucher?

A Vet Voucher can be a unique gift voucher to a family member a friend or a colleague…

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How do I purchase them?

Firstly simply select a participating vet practice close to where the recipient of the voucher can redeem it…

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How do I redeem them?

If you have been given a Vet Voucher look for the name of the Vet Practice and search for its location…

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Vet Vouchers will be contributing on an annual basis to our partner charities

Vet Vouchers will be making annual donations towards specified UK based small animal charities, supporting worthy organisations who strive to improve the welfare of abused, neglected or unwanted animals.

If you wish you can also choose to donate directly towards the veterinary care of horses at World Horse Welfare, please make a donation…

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